The inaugural meeting of Newbury Camera Club was held at 7pm on Thursday 01 February 1945 at the Tudor Cafe in Newbury (103 Northbrook Street). The cafe remained the home of the club for half a century until it moved to The Conservative Club and then to its current home at The Shaw Social Club. The subscription in 1945 was 10/- per annum with an additional charge of 2/6 per evening.

The chairman was H.H. Dennis. The first president was Sir Henry Holder, followed by Jack Hole, Jim Irving, Richard Summersby and Paul Sefcick. Membership numbers have remained steady over the years despite the changes in photography which has progressed through black and white, colour prints, slides and now digital.

The club can be proud of many past successes. We held three major "Photography Festivals" which brought to Newbury some of the UK's best photographers, including the late Bert Hardy. The club won the "club of the year" award of £1000, organised by Amateur Photographer and sponsored by Jessops. Many club members belonged to the Royal Photographic Society and achieved Associate and Fellowship awards. Among those deserving mention were Joan Wakelin, Mavis Ferguson, Margaret Poole, Jack Hole, Bert Dennis, Richard Summersby, Brian Most, David Wheeler, Richard Froud, Hugh Anger, John Knill, Ian Jebbett, David Hatful, Phil Starling, Gavin Wilkinson, Pete Sutton, Tony Smiles and Tony Worobiec. Our most embarrassing occasion was in 1978/79 winning every print and slide competition in the Southern Photographic Federation.

Our weekly meetings are now held at Shaw Social Club on Thursday evenings. They include talks by highly successful photographers, interspersed with workshops and competitions. Encouragement is given to those wishing to exhibit their skills in friendly competitions between members and between other clubs. Advice is freely given and problems shared. If you are interested in improving your photographic skills and like a friendly, lively atmosphere then we hope you will come and join us.

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