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May 2018
This issue supersedes all previous issues of the Rules
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Internal club competitions are open to all paid-up members of the club. During a season, members may enter as many competitions as they wish, with the constraint that a member cannot enter both the Group 1 and Group 2 leagues in a single season. A member's initial entry into either Group 1 or 2 will determine their Group entry for that season. Unless otherwise stated in the rules for a specific competition, images may be in colour or black and white. Trophy Certificates will be awarded to the winner of each competition and to the runner-up for each league competition.

Authorship: All entries shall originate solely from the member's own images, captured either by means of a camera or by the action of light on a photosensitive medium. Entries may be processed by either photographic or digital means, and can be home or trade processed.

Judges: The committee shall appoint an external judge to assess and mark competitions and the judge's decision will be final.

Prints: Images can be presented in any size, unless otherwise stated in the rules for a specific competition. It is preferable that prints are mounted to allow them to be handled more easily. However, it should be noted that external competitions have now standardized on a 400mm x 500mm mounted size. This is also the size that will fit the Club's pre-formed frames for exhibition purposes. Glazed frames are not acceptable for safety reasons.

Labels will be provided to all entrants - these should be completed and attached to the bottom right hand corner of the print – no titles or identification on the front of the print are permitted.

Prints are to be handed to the Internal Competition Secretary at least 1 WEEK prior to the evening of the competition.  The titles and a jpg of the image must be provided on the competitor's USB stick at least 1 WEEK prior to the evening of the competition.

The image file must consist of:       Image Number Title
                                                        Example: 18A Needing Renovation

Projected Digital Images (PDIs): Images must be provided to the Internal Competition Secretary on the competitor's USB stick at least 1 WEEK prior to the evening of the competition . Images must be presented in JPEG format (excluding JPG2000), using the sRGB colour space. Images shall be sized to a maximum of 1600x1200 pixels, this being the resolution of the Club's projector # . N.B. For portrait oriented images the longest side is restricted to 1200 pixels. Where the chosen image ratio is not 4:3 and hence not exactly matching the above, a border (black is best) should be added by the author to create an overall image of these specified dimensions. The file size must not exceed 1 Mb.

The image file must consist of:       Image Number Title
                                                        Example: 18A Needing Renovation


The categories for league competitions are: Prints and Projected Digital Images. There will be 5 rounds for each competition throughout the season.

2.1 Group 1 Prints (Jack Hole Trophy)

The Group 1 print competition accepts prints of a general subject nature and members may enter up to 2 prints per evening. The winner will be the member who gains the highest accumulated score from their ten prints (giving a maximum of 100 points). Whilst Group 1 is open to all, it includes the most experienced photographers and the standard is set to present the best images from the club. Consequently, judges are briefed to judge the images critically and it is expected that this level of criticism may not suit all. Therefore, it is recommended that new and relatively inexperienced club members enter the Group 2 competition. 

2.2 Group 2 Prints (Maryon Knill Trophy)

The Group 2 print competition accepts prints of a general subject nature, and members may enter up to 2 prints per evening. The winner will be the member who gains the highest accumulated score from their ten prints (giving a maximum of 100 points). Group 2 is intended for members to gain experience of club competitions, whether they are beginners or more experienced. Judges are briefed to provide constructive criticism and encouragement. Consequently, the format of group 2 is more friendly and open to experiment than Group 1. It is recommended that all new members to the club who have not experienced club competitions enter Group 2 for at least their first couple of seasons. The winner of group 2 must move into group 1 the following season and other high scoring members may be invited to move up depending upon numbers in the 2 groups.. 

2.3 Projected Digital Images (PDI) (Ted Richards Plate)

The PDI competition has a specified theme for each of the five evenings (one of which is Open) and members may enter up to 2 images each round. The winner will be the member who gains the highest accumulated score from all their ten images. The themes for the forthcoming season will be announced in the Club’s  Programme each year and via the Club's message group. The Judge for the evening will be given the responsibility for determining the Author's interpretation of the stated theme.

3 THE TUDOR CUP (Set of 3 Related Black and White Prints)

This cup is for the best SET OF THREE RELATED BLACK AND WHITE PRINTS and the prints will be shown as a panel. If mounted individually they are to be marked on the REVERSE side with the position in which they are to be viewed (ie left, middle, right) and the preferred maximum size for each mount is 500mm x 400mm. Alternatively all 3 prints may be placed onto a single mount board, which may then be up to a maximum of 600mm x 500mm including the mount. Entries will be restricted to 1 per person.

4 THE JOAN WAKELIN CUP (Documentary Panel of Prints)

This cup is awarded for the best DOCUMENTARY PANEL with a human interest. Members may enter more than one panel, but each panel must comprise of a set of 5 images and contain a human element in all the images – the sort of pictures that would illustrate an article in a Sunday colour supplement. The lead picture must be able to show the Judge what the subject is about and all 5 images as a whole should "tell a story". All 5 images are to be mounted onto a single mount no larger than 600mm X 500mm. The lead picture is to be noticeably larger than the other four. Entries will be restricted to 1 per person.


5 GASTON ALZIARY COMPETITION (Black and white print)

A black and white print of any subject.  Entries will be restricted to 1 per person.

6 THE QUARRY WOOD COMPETITION (Projected Digital Images - Colour)

This cup is for the best colour PDI of a CLOSE-UP detailed study showing the colour, form and texture of a single or group of flowers, leaves, or plants (including fungi) with minimal tidying but allowing for adjustments to levels, curves and cropping. Entries will be restricted to 2 per person.

7 THE H. DENNIS COMPETITION (Projected Digital Images)

This trophy is awarded for the best CREATIVE IMAGE OF ARTISTIC MERIT – PDIs. There should be No titles on the images

This is quite a wide term.  Many people tend to do a bit of fancy editing – like putting textures on the background, split toning, de-saturating, making images look like paintings or drawings, add things into the images (eg  ghostly figures and such like).  Also images that have not been overly edited but you consider to be artistic.  For example, painting with light images and reflections have previously been entered in this competition.  

The rules for this competition have always been fairly open to allow the photographer to decide how much editing or creative post processing they wish to do.  Entries will be restricted to 2 per person.


The Club currently has no involvement with Audio/Visual presentations.

(The audio visual sequence should comprise a sequence of images that are the Member's own work, in combination with a backing soundtrack. The sequence should be limited to a maximum of 5 minutes. The format of the sequence should be a computer executable (.exe file) that will play unaided on a Microsoft Windows-based machine. The sequence may be titled and may include captions and text based content. However, the sequence should not include the Author's name.

The backing soundtrack may include content that is not the Member's own work. However, should the soundtrack contain copyright material then it is the Member's responsibility to ensure that appropriate permission has been obtained to all the material to be presented in public. Furthermore, the member shall indemnify the club against any legal proceedings should that not be the case.

Members may enter more than one presentation, but multiple entries should be identified with an order of preference in case the total number of presentations needs to be limited.)


The Committee may modify the Rules from time to time and changes will not take effect until the current season has ended. Members will be kept informed of any fundamental changes. For clarification regarding any aspect of the Rules, please contact the Competition Secretary or send an email to


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