Each club member is issued with a 1 GB USB stick and a Label Number which is to be used when entering Internal Print and PDI competitions for Group 1 or Group 2.  The label number assigned will be permanent for the duration of membership of the camera club.

Prior to each season new labels will be provided to all entrants - these should be completed and attached to the bottom right hand corner of the print – no titles or identification on the front of the print are permitted.

Prints are to be handed to the Internal Competition Secretary at least 1 WEEK prior to the evening of the competition.  The titles and a jpg of the image must be provided on the the competitor's USB stick at least 1 WEEK prior to the evening of the competition.

The image file must consist of:      Label Number and Title

Print competitions - a maximum of 2 prints may be entered (a, & b)
PDI Competitions - a maximum of 2 images may be entered (a & b)


LABEL No Competitor   LABEL  No Competitor
2A Maria Arkwright   1A Bob Ainsworth
2B Maria Arkwright   1B Bob Ainsworth
2C Maria Arkwright   1C Bob Ainsworth
4A Jenny Bailey   3A Rick Atkins
4B Jenny Bailey   3B Rick Atkins
4C Jenny Bailey   3C Rick Atkins
5A Paul Bampton   6A Keith Bright
5B Paul Bampton   6B Keith Bright
5C Paul Bampton   6C Keith Bright
7A Andrew Buchanan   9A Christine Buckland
7B Andrew Buchanan   9B Christine Buckland
7C Andrew Buchanan   9C Christine Buckland
8A Dave Buckland   10A Roy Burgess
8B Dave Buckland   10B Roy Burgess
8C Dave Buckland   10C Roy Burgess
12A Rob Carpenter   11A Chris Camplin
12B Rob Carpenter   11B Chris Camplin
12C Rob Carpenter   11C Chris Camplin
15A Hermon Dowling   14A Andy Stacey
15B Hermon Dowling   14B  Andy Stacey
15C Hermon Dowling   14C Andy Stacey
19A Ray Hems   16A Robert Emslie
19B Ray Hems   16B Robert Emslie
19C Ray Hems   16C Robert Emslie
23A Jim Mowat   17A Steve Gilmour
23B Jim Mowat   17B Steve Gilmour
23C Jim Mowat   17C Steve Gilmour
24A Steven Parker   18A Collette Haworth
24B Steven Parker   18B Collette Haworth
24C Steven Parker   18C Collette Haworth
25A Linda Philo   20A Matt Huntley
25B Linda Philo   20B Matt Huntley
25C Linda Philo   20C  Matt Huntley
26A Richard Pike   21A Sue Lloyd
26B Richard Pike   21B Sue Lloyd
26C Richard Pike   21C Sue Lloyd
27A Brian Ray   22A Mark Rand
27B Brian Ray   22B Mark Rand
27C Brian Ray   22C Mark Rand
30A Paul Sievers   28A Robin Read
30B Paul Sievers   28B Robin Read
30C  Paul Sievers   28C Robin Read
31A Mick Snaith   29A Paul Sefcick
31B Mick Snaith   29B Paul Sefcick
31C Mick Snaith   29C Paul Sefcick
36A Alvin Webb   32A Alan Teece
36B Alvin Webb   32B Alan Teece
36C Alvin Webb   32C Alan Teece
38A Sue Essex   33A Dawn Lowe
38B Sue Essex   33B Dawn Lowe
38C Sue Essex   33C Dawn Lowe
46A Brian Dickerson   34A Gerald Walker
46B Brian Dickerson   34B Gerald Walker
46C Brian Dickerson   34C Gerald Walker
      37A Mike Williams
      37B Mike Williams
      37C Mike Williams
      39A Mike Stevenson
      39B Mike Stevenson
      39C Mike Stevenson
      40A Gerald Finch
      40B Gerald Finch
      40C Gerald Finch
      41A Jerry Hill
      41B Jerry Hill
      41C Jerry Hill
      42A Peter Broughton
      42B Peter Broughton
      42C Peter Broughton
      43A Tony Seculer
      43B Tony Seculer
      43C Tony Seculer
      44A Jenny Seculer
      44B Jenny Seculer
      44C Jenny Seculer
      45A Andrew Endean
      45B Andrew Endean
      45C Andrew Endean
      47A Keith Elliott
      47B Keith Elliott
      47C Keith Elliott