The PDI Themes for this season are:

1) Wildlife

2) Time

3) Portrait

4) Religion

5) Open (Photographer's Choice)


Images must be presented in JPEG format (excluding JPG2000), using the sRGB colour space with a gamma setting of 2.2.

Images must be sized to a maximum of 1400x1050 pixels, this being the resolution of the Club's projector.

N.B. For portrait oriented images the longest side is restricted to 1050 pixels.

Where the chosen image ratio is not 4:3 and hence not exactly matching the above, a border (black is best) should be added by the author to create an overall image of these specified dimensions.

PDIs should be given or sent to Jon Cruise

The PDIs should be named in the following format  Author_Title of Image_Group Round.jpg 


Jon Cruise_Soaked_G1 R1


Joe Bloggs_Star Image_G2 R2