Newbury Camera Club also have several "speciality" competitions which are run throughout the year.

Gaston Alziary Award - This is for the Best Black and White Print

Tudor Cup Award - This is for the best SET OF THREE RELATED BLACK AND WHITE PRINTS shown as a panel.

Quarry Wood Award - This competition is for the best colour PDI of a CLOSE-UP detailed study showing the colour, form and texture of a single or group of flowers, leaves, or plants (including fungi) with minimal tidying but allowing for adjustments to levels, curves and cropping.

Joan Wakelin Award - This for the best DOCUMENTARY PANEL with a human interest. Each panel is comprised of a set of 5 images and contains a human element in all the images – the sort of pictures that would illustrate an article in a Sunday colour supplement. The lead picture must be able to show the Judge what the subject is about and all 5 images as a whole should "tell a story". All 5 images are to be mounted onto a single mount

Jim Irving Award - This is presented to the Most Improved Photographer of the year

Mobile Phone Competition - This is for the best image taken on a Mobile Phone




Competition Type Judge 1st 2nd 3rd HC Commended
Gaston Alziary Cup
Best Black & White
Print Keith Newton Christine Buckland Mick Snaith Maria Arkwirght Richard Pike
Mick Snaith
Andrew Buchanan
Tudor Cup
Set of 3 Related Black & White
Print Keith Newton Richard Pike Andrew Buchanan Jim Mowat Maria Arkwright
Quarry Wood
Close Up 
PDI Keith Newton Mick Snaith Rick Atkins Rob Carpenter Paul Sievers
Alvin Webb
Linda Philo
Andrew Endean
Joan Wakelin
5 Print Documentary Panel
Dennis Trophy
Creative Image of Artistic Merit
Jim Irving Plate
Most Improved Photographer
of the Year
Mobile Phone Competition PDI