The final round of the Print and PDI competition for Group 2 was held on Thursday 20th April 2017 and the final scores are in

This year saw the most entrants ever with 19 club members the print competition and 18 entering the PDI competition  
The scores were also the closest ever with 3 members sharing the runner up position in the print competition.


Group 2 Print Competition - Final Results

WINNER                               93.0 points            Sue Essex

JOINT RUNNERS UP           92.5 points            Maria Arkwright
                                                                           Linda Philo
                                                                           Jim Mowat


Group 2 PDI Competition - Final Results

WINNER                               90.0 points            Christine Buckland

RUNNER UP                        88.5 points            Gerald Walker

Congratulations to our winners and runners up and thank you to all club members who entered their work in the competitions and made this the most successful Group 2 competition to date.



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