Newbury Camera Club is pleased to be hosting the following guest speakers for the forthcoming 2017/18 season.


Brian Worley

Mr Canon. Brian is the go to man for all things Canon. An excellent communicator and has the ability to break down any subject to a level we can all understand.

Title of Presentation

Movement in Photography.

Brian says,

“Capturing movement takes a little more thought than setting the fastest shutter speed possible. Do you want to freeze or show the movement itself?”

Brian will explore how movement can be captured or accentuated for technical and creative effects using a variety of photographic approaches.

Matt Emmett

Matt is from Reading. He is an award winning photographer. With an excellent website Forgotten Heritage.

Title of Presentation

Re-discovering out Forgotten Heritage

Matt says,

“There is a thrill in exploring an environment that allows you to step into a previously unknown world and discover something first-hand, taking your time and noting the details as you go. Having a camera with me allows me to prolong that thrill long after the building is gone. It’s an often quoted cliché but there really is a strong sense of palpable history present in abandoned buildings, the items left behind like paperwork in a drawer or plaques or signs in an industrial plant, allow you a glimpse into the past. I consider experiencing these places to be a great privilege”

Matt Emmett spends his spare time seeking out Europe’s abandoned places and industrial remnants. What started as an exciting and fascinating hobby back in 2012, has grown into an obsession with forgotten architecture. The talk will feature a look at numerous locations and the experiences had in capturing the images and a section at the end of the talk on post processing technique.

Chris Weston.

Chris is a passionate wildlife photographer. A truly inspiration speaker.

Title of Presentation:

Animals on the Edge

How Chris approaches photography, the role of photography in conservation, the importance of telling stories through your photographs, a little technique, amusing anecdotes and inspirational messagess says,

“We are storytellers. Photography is about more than simply recording events and moments in time. We're storytellers and it’s these visual stories that make photography an intensely personal pursuit”

Bob Brind Surch

A familiar and popular presenter. An excellent communicator. Bob runs a lot of photography workshops.

Title of Presentation:

Tanzania, a virtual Safari.

“A virtual safari across northern Tanzania when I do just that and take the club on safari illustrated by photographs

Bob says

I am an experienced photographer and naturalist passionate about my work and sharing my observations of wildlife with others. I have been a keen naturalist from a very young age and a photographer from my late teens. I am foremost a naturalist who photographs what he observes rather than a photographer specialising in wildlife. This is very important to me and goes back to why I started taking photos in the late 60s.My early photography consisted of taking colour slides to illustrate talks I gave on wildlife”


Former President of the PAGB

Well respected amongst his peers, Leo has been one of the judges used to critique the best images submitted into the Southampton International Exhibition.

Title of Presentation.

Idle Rich, sliding into digital, one computer illiterate man’s struggle converting slides to PDI, did I succeed?

Leo says,

“I can offer an alternative "The Idle Rich ...sliding into Digital"   which, as the title hints, is a digital "presentation” but at the same poor quality as my slides.  A couple of clubs have found it of interest”

Andrew Mills MA. MEd. CertEd. C&G(Dist). ARPS.

Diplomas in Photography and Graphic Design. (Coventry College of Art)

City and Guilds – Typography (Dist)

Certificate in Further and Higher Education.  (Bristol Polythechnical)

Master of Education (Psychology of Education)  (Bristol University)

Master of Arts (Photographic Studies) (University of Westminster)

A professional photographer specialising in Advertising, Editorial and Commercial photography for over thirty years.

Title of Presentation.

Street photography.

History, contemporary, and my own take on the subject with lots of examples and many PDI’s. or

What makes a good photograph?

This is a talk which takes an alternative view to the accepted norms of club photography.

We look at many other styles of photography and take a look at what made great

Photographs historically. Looking at composition, lighting and subject matter.

Tom Way

Tom is a professional award winning fine art wildlife photographer based in the UK. He has been awarded in various competitions with his most recent success being awarded in the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016 competition with his image ‘Beauty, Power, and Majesty’.

Tom is well remembered a photographer who had just began his career when he did his first presentation at Newbury.

Title of Presentation.

Wildlife Through a Lens.

Within this talk Tom goes into what it takes to be a Wildlife Photographer. Talking about the importance of light, the right angles and the emphasis on trying to compose a sellable image when looking through the lens. Tom describes his adventures over the last few years, and how he has gone from working in a gym to now taking wildlife images around the world and exhibiting them over the UK.